12oz Coffee Mug w/ Cover & Spoon

12oz Coffee Mug w/ Cover & Spoon

Ceramic coffee mug with spoon and glittered bamboo cover. Want to make it personal? Option to add your monogram below! 👇🏻


Mugs are ready to ship, and will ship within 3 business days.


This is not a lid for drinking out of, just a cup cover.

  • Care Info

    Lids & cups are not dishwasher safe. 

    Lids are not microwave safe. 

    Do not soak lids, hand wash only with mild detergent and a soft nonabrasive sponge. Dry promptly. 

    Do not expose to extreme heat.

  • Return Policy

    No returns, all pieces are custom and items that cannot be resold once out of my hands for sanitation reasons. 

  • Handmade Disclaimer

    All products are handmade, being such there may be slight imperfections and variations. I sell only products that are of the highest quality but things like ink runs and the chance of rouge glitter are bound to happen and do not constitue a defect.